Shitty Adventures

Go on adventures to earn Shitty Kitty Treats and other rewards.

How do Shitty Adventures work?

What are Shitty Adventures?
You can think of Shitty Adventures as short staking periods. At the end of the adventure, you will be able to claim a reward.
What are the requirements?
Each Shitty Adventure requires a certain amount of Shitty Kitties to participate. There will be other requirements in future adventures such as specific traits.
Can I send multiple parties on the same adventure?
No. Only one party can be sent to each unique Shitty Adventure at a time. Once the adventure is over and you've claimed your reward, you can send another party on that adventure.
What if I list/transfer/sell a Shitty Kitty that's on an adventure?
If your Shitty Kitty is involved in a transaction while on an adventure, the adventure will be cancelled and no rewards will be distributed.
What are Shitty Treasure Boxes?

Shitty Treasure Boxes are the reward for completing Shitty Adventures. You can open Shitty Treasure Boxes to claim the rewards inside! Visit the Treasure page to open your boxes!

What happens to Shitty Treasure Boxes after I open them?
You will automatically receive the contents of the Shitty Kitty Box and then the box will be clawed back to the creator wallet.
How do I level up my Shitty Kitties?
Some Shitty Adventures require higher levels. You can increase the levels of your Shitty Kitties by doing Shitty Adventures.
What are the levels my Shitty Kitties can reach?
Level 1 requires 0 Shitty Adventures completed, Level 2 requires 2 completed, Level 3 requires 6 completed, Level 4 requires 10 completed, and Level 5 requires 15 completed.