Shitty Treats

Collect treats for your each Shitty Kitty you own. You will be able to use these Shitty Treats in upcoming utilities. Connect your wallet below to opt-in.

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Introducing Shitty Treats

Shitty Treats ($TREAT) is an ASA that will be used for all upcoming Shitty Utilities. Holders will be rewarded every week via an air drop based on how many Shitty Kitties are in the wallet at the time of the air drop.

Total Treats
420 billion
shitty treats

Air Drop Every Friday

You will be air dropped Shitty Treats for each First Litter and Second Litter Shitty Kitty you own. Only Shitty Kitties held in your wallet will be counted.

First Litter
16 Treats
Second Litter
16 Treats
Third Litter
8 Treats
Fourth Litter
4 Treats
24 Treats

Shitty Utilities

Shitty Treats will be used for all upcoming Shitty Utilities. Be the first to know about new Shitty Utilities by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter.

Shitty Treats Creator Wallet